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Wenneker Blue Curacao

Blue Curaçao is a sweet orange liqueur distilled from dried peel of the bitter Curacao oranges. It also contain distillates of lemons, spices and natural blue colouring. The Caribbean island of Curaçao is host to much of the fruit used in these liqueurs.

Wenneker makes this fresh iqueur from a popular home-made curaçao distillate recipe. It has the fresh citrus taste of the curaçao fruit Because of its bright blue colour, Blue Curaçao is a favourite  ingredient in stand-out cocktails. It is also excellent to drink straight, on the rocks or in a long drink with orange-juice or lemonade.

There are five Caribbean islands that share one common trait, they are former Dutch colonies and are now known as the Netherlands Antilles. Each island is unique in its own way. The island of Curaçao obtained it's world recognition by way of this alchoholic beverage. Blue Curaçao is known the world over and the Dutch distiller, Wenneker, has been at the forefront.

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