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Porfidio Plata

How Porfidio Plata is made!

The agave takes 10 years to reach proper maturity and there are therefore only ten harvests per century. Each huge agave plant weighs 50 kilos on average and 10 kilos of agave are required to produce just one litre of agave spirit. By contrast, sugar cane, barley and grapes can be harvested at least once a year making rum, whisky and brandy rather less expensive to produce.

At Destileria Porfidio, they steam-cook the agave plants for at least 24 hours. Once the cooking cycle is complete, the softened agave fibre has to be pressed to separate the agave juices from the agave fibre. As with ultra-premium olive oil, only the first pressing of the agave fibre is used for the production of Porfidio spirits. In addition, Porfidio does not dilute the freshly squeezed agave juice during the pressing process as some manufacturers would, as this would reduce the quality of the agave juice and flavour.

The agave juice derived from mature agave plants, containing natural agave sugar, which is the basis for the subsequent fermentation process. The agave juice is brownish in colour and similar to coffee in appearance. The agave juice is fermented by introducing micro-organisms, or good bacteria, which convert the sugar into alcohol much like making wine. Bad bacteria would turn the agave juices into vinegar.

The fermented agave juice has an alcoholic content of 12% alc/vol. Destileria Porfidio is the only factory in Mexico which implements quality fermentation in a rigorously controlled and therefore ideal environment. The fermented agave juice is distilled three times, in traditional alambic pot stills, separating the heads and the tails at each distillation and only keeping the very best heart of each distillate.

Tasting notes
Colour:   White crystal
Nose:      Spicy, smoky, hint of caramelised vegetables.
Palate:    Rich palate with undertones of vanilla, cinnamon and gentle honey.
Finish:    Gentle heat with cooked plums and oranges.

What makes Porfidio Single-Agave Plata Super-Jalisco stand out?


  • Made only from 100% Agave Tequilana. Not blended with sugar


  • Made only using Agave from the Jalisco growing region in Mexico


  • Made only from Matured 10 year old Agave Tequilana plants


  • One pressing only, no water or sugar juice added - just virgin agave juice used


  • Single harvest - no blending of vintages


  • Naturally fermented


  • Alambique (pot) distilled for greater cleaner flavour, not column distilled


  • Unique triple distillation to remove the heads and tails


  • Hand blown unique glass bottles


  • Known as Super-Jalisco not just Tequila - signifying a highest quality product within the Jalisco region.


Porfidio is a must for top shelf bars and is loved by Tequila buffs. In the premium to super premium agave spirit category the Porfidio Single-Agave Plata sets a new benchmark. Ideal for the new trend of "Tequila Martini's" through to the classic "Margarita". In blind tasting amongst other super-premium bands Porfidio is a stand out.

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