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Porfidio Extra Anejo

Porfidio Single-Barrel, Single-Agave Super-Jalisco Extra Anejo so unique.

Usually, Anejo (aged) tequilas are stored in many oak barrels. At the end of the ageing process the contents of all barrels is combined prior to bottling. The individual special characteristics of each barrel is mixed with others. However, the contents of each bottle of Porfidio Single-barrel Single-Agave Super-Jalisco Anejo is from an individual selected barrel.

Porfidio Single-Agave Tequila is made from 100% Agave Tequilana (blue agave) plants and in the case of Porfidio only fully matured 10 year old Agave plants used.

Like most tequilas in this category, Porfidio is defined as an agave spirit which is made exclusively from 100% Agave Tequilana (Blue Agave) plants and grown and processed in the region of Mexico known by the name of "Jalisco". Jalisco is the most renowned agave region and is most recognised for its quality agave.

Extra Añejo
This category for Tequila aging has been made in Mexico for those spirits that are stored for a longer than the usual Anejo time period. The Extra-Anejo category accommodates tequila likewise, Porifidio Extra Anejo has been aged for minimum 5 years in brand new, heavily charred, American oak barrels. The influence that the oak gives Porfidio for this extra length of time is very large. It lends this superb tequila huge caramel, oak and spice flavours, balanced still with clean fresh agave cutting through.

Porfidio Extra Añejo is in a class of it's own. It has very big flavours and is among the top aged tequilas made.

If you have top-shelf customers and you have a range of tequilas, you need to have at least one bottle of Porfidio Extra Anejo on offer.

In the history of spirits from the America's no product has ever been awarded with such high acolades. Porfidio Single-Barrel, Single-Agave, Super-Jalisco, Extra-Anejo has been the winner of four consecutive years of the World Champion Anejo Tequila Award by the Wine Enthusiast with the highest qualification ever given to a tequila brand of 98 out of 100.

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