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Platinum White Rum

Platinum is an aromatic fresh spirit made from sugarcane juice, related to a cachaca. It is different to the usual white rum because it is not made from the traditional molasses, and it is pot-distilled to capture the flavours. Consequently it has a lighter style, more flavour and delightful fresh sugar cane and brown sugar floral aromas to add complexity to any drink. The aromas influence the flavour and the flavours mix exceptionally well into classic white rum drinks like the mojito.

The beautiful bottle is a stand-out on the bar, decorated in white and real platinum.

Platinum Mojito

Make a simple sugar syrup 50/50 water and sugar

Juice some limes - about half a lime per drink

Cut some limes into 8 wedges - 2-3 per glass

Get a collins/tall glass and some ice

One nice sprig of mint per glass

A little Soda Water

Place the sprig of mint in the palm of your hand and slap it hard with the other hand.

3/4 fill the glass with ice so it holds the mint upright

Pour 1.5 measures or 45ml of Platinum Rum over the iceĀ 

Pour 15ml lime juice over ice

Pour 15ml sugar syrup over ice

Pour in a splash of soda water

Stir the drink so ice melts and dilutes it.

Add a straw and serve.

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