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Legend of Kremlin Russian Vodka

Legend of the Kremlin vodka is a superbly packaged, super-premium Russian vodka made from top quality grain and soft spring water. It is the official vodka served at functions in the Kremlin and the State Duma, the Russian Parliament in Moscow. Such is this vodka's quality and reputation!

Legend of Kremlin Vodka is a pure grain vodka, produced using Russian winter wheat and soft water from the distiller's ecologically clean water basin of Kaliningrad region.

Legend of Kremlin Vodka has a unique, refined nose and flavour. Russians like their vodkas to show the flavour of the grain it is made from (wheat) so good Russian vodkas will have a soft toasty, nutty, grain flavour. Legend of Kremlin has this, and more.

There's the oily, smoothness we associate with quality vodkas plus hints of cream, nuts, grain and vanilla blending well. There's a little pepper or spice on the tip of the tongue which mellows. This vodka closes with a hint of sweetness and subtle flavours of honeyed toast, vanilla cream and spice.

Legend of Kremlin Vodka has been awarded eleven “Grand Prix” and nine Gold Medals at domestic and international competitions and received the accolade “Purveyor to the Kremlin” which allows Legend of Kremlin to feature the exclusive Romanoff Imperial Crest. Legend of Kremlin Vodka is served in the Kremlin, the House of Government of the Russian Federation, the State Duma, the Federation Council and many other official state organisations.

Legend of Kremlin Vodka traces its origin back to the 15th Century and the authenticated recipe for the original Russian Vodka made by the monk Isidor in the Kremlin.

The special bottles are shaped like ancient vodka carafes, the traditional glass flask used in Russia for high quality and expensive vodka in the olden days.

You may not have heard of Legend of Kremlin vodka, however it has a rich heritage and long history as the premier vodka in Russia. Created during the winter of 1430 at Chudov monastery Legend of Kremlin was the first Russian vodka. While the original formula has remained the same, top quality ingredients and modern technology have helped create a brilliant vodka. Legend of Kremlin is a versatile premium vodka.

The 700ml bottle is sold with the book shown. The bottle fits inside the book for display, making a surprising and very impressive gift for the true vodka connoisseur.

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