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Kremlevka Classic Vodka

Kremlevka Classic Vodka is an true Russian vodka. Many vodkas considered Russian are not in fact Russian at all, but come from the countries around Russia, like Estonia or Georgia. Kremlevka is made in Russia and has the great flavour that Russians expect in their vodka.

Kremlevka Classic is made from Russian wheat and has the 'classic' flavours of Russian vodka - hence the name.

Compared to vodkas of a similar quality and price point, Kremlevka shows the smoothness and flavour with extra quality and finesse. Kremlevka is perfect for drinking straight, as the Russians do, or mixing however you like. It will make an ordinary drink into a superior drink as it has the viscosity and structure to be noticed - not fade into the background.

Kremlevka comes in two varieties - it's the traditional Russian way.

Kremlevka Classic and Kremlevka Soft.

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