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Wenneker Amaretto is a Silver medal winning liqueur made from an Italian family recipe. It has been compared and has won above other leading brands of Amaretto in international competitions.

TheĀ  flavour is full, with bitter sweet almonds, caramel and herbs combined beautifully to make this Wenneker Amaretto arguabley the best you will find. The flavour lasts and its balance of fruit and almond flavours fill the mouth. Every Amaretto lover agrees this liqueur is excellent!

Amaretto has an interesting story about it's creation.
In 1525, artist Bernardino Luini was requested to paint a fresco of the Madonna by the Santa Maria delle Grazie in Saronno. Bernardino needed a model and after a long search he found a waitress that had the looks he wanted. He spent weeks with the girl and during that time she fell in love with Bernardino.The girl made a sweet liqueur with the taste of almond to give to her lover.
The recipe of this Amaretto is an old Italian family's treasured possession which is based closely on the girl's recipe back in the 1500s.
All the same ingredients are in Wenneker Amaretto - almonds, caramelised sugar and 17 herbs and fruits that are sprinkled with apricot-kernel oil before distillation, using the age old family methods handed down.

This is an excellent example of an authentic Amaretto.

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